Federal Cyber Compliance Boosted by Automation

March 21, 2021

Federal Cyber Compliance Boosted by Automation

Rapid global digital growth has drastically changed the way we conduct business, consume products and services, and interact at personal, enterprise and government levels. Each new avenue of connection and transaction puts volumes of more sensitive information at jeopardy with tremendous short and long term consequences. Reducing sensitive data exposure in the Federal Government is often hampered by limited human resources, lack of central monitoring, and remediation windows being dictated by continuity of operations.

In this panel discussion, Federal IT executives address how to better manage the risk of sensitive data exposure through improved cyber compliance. What steps can be taken to verify trust in the Federal Government supply chain? How to source reliably secure solutions? Where and when to use automation as a compliance, monitoring, and remediation mechanism? Listen to our panelists explore the “art of the possible” as well as share lessons learned and best practices.

Panelists include:

* Ted Okada, CTO, Federal Emergency Management Agency

* Kathleen Kaplan, CDO, Federal Emergency Management Agency

* Kenneth Clark, CDO and Assistant Director, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

* Kevin Zempko, IT Cybersecurity Specialist, Department of Veterans Affairs