FLC Webinar: Executive Education Package

June 26, 2022

FLC Webinar: Executive Education Package


The session will focus on what technology transfer is and how the federal government and its partners manage it. We will cover the various tools used to move technology forward, including Licensing, Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), other Partnership Agreements, and facilities use. Available training, partnerships, and success stories are also discussed. Other related topics may be discussed if attendees are interested. There will be time after the presentation for attendees to ask questions.

Speaker: Marianne Lynch


Marianne Lynch has been working for 20 years in the technology transfer field. She has been employed at the Department of Energy as a patent attorney for the last seven years. She previously worked at Department of Commerce at NIST as a General Attorney, at the NIH FFRDC laboratory as patent attorney, and at NIH as a tech transfer specialist.

She conducted training for managers and staff on technology transfer, including invention reporting, patenting, technology commercialization, copyrights, data protection, conflict of interest, and ethics. She managed contracts and ensured proper clauses were included and procedures followed for government contracts and subcontracts.