Help Fast-Track the U.S. Army's Transition to Electric Vehicles

February 21, 2021

Help Fast-Track the U.S. Army's Transition to Electric Vehicles

The Army operates in some unique and demanding environments, but it’s facing many of the same challenges as the commercial world in its efforts to go electric.

For the past five years, the U.S. Army has increasingly turned its attention to electric vehicles (EVs). While it has made some progress on platforms, it continues to face serious challenges in establishing a scalable and reliable infrastructure to power this new electric fleet. How do you solve power at the point of need, range anxiety, fast-charging, and other issues for the types of vehicles and austere locations in which Soldiers must operate?

To help solve these problems, the Army Applications Laboratory (AAL) is partnering with the Next Generation Combat Vehicle Cross Functional Team (NGCV CFT) and the Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC) to stand up the Power Transfer Cohort — an 8-week program to identify and explore technologies that can help the Army utilize electric power in remote locations.

Join us to learn more about the Army’s vision for powering its fleet of the future, the unique issues it is encountering, and how it plans to partner with industry to solve shared problems together through the Power Transfer Cohort.