IP Piracy in Life Science with Nick Shenkin of the FBI

January 21, 2021

IP Piracy in Life Science with Nick Shenkin of the FBI

For many life science startups, IP is the most crucial factor that determines whether they succeed or fail. An innovative concept and freedom to operate are essential to winning investment.

But hostile foreign and domestic actors want to steal ideas and data from scientists and entrepreneurs. They target the most vulnerable: academics and early-stage companies.

Are you one of these targets? Do you want to know what threats you face and what you can do to protect yourself? Join us on Wednesday, January 27 to hear from FBI Special Agent Nicholas Shenkin, Director of the Strategic Technology Task Force for the FBI’s San Francisco Field Division.

Nicholas Shenkin is a Counterintelligence specialist and leads a staff of Special Agents and Intelligence Analysts responsible for hardening the target of 400+ Cleared Defense Contractors, Silicon Valley, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and all businesses and academic institutions in the San Francisco Field Division. In 1996, prior to his engagement with the Bureau, Nicholas started a high-security hosting and data analysis company. Nicholas sold that company in 2002 and subsequently became in-house counsel focused on M&A matters and on security compliance issues surrounding HIPAA and SOX. Nicholas is a graduate of UCLA and Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, and is a member of the California Bar.