Laboratory Animal Sciences: Increasing the Probability of Success and Reproducibility

Virtual Conference
May 20, 2020

Laboratory Animal Sciences: Increasing the Probability of Success and Reproducibility

LabRoots is pleased to announce the 9th Annual Laboratory Animal Science Virtual Conference which will take place on May 14, 2020. This is a premier online-only conference that will bring together scientists from basic sciences to bioinformatics, clinicians, veterinary technicians, veterinarians, technical support staff and compliance personnel from around the world to learn about recent advances and challenges within preclinical phases of drug development.

The ability to reproduce animal experiments is a broadly recognized challenge for in vivo research with profound implications for scientific progress and ethical animal use. The cause of reproducibility failure is multifactorial and might be attributed to any number of possible explanations. This year, in an effort to increase awareness and understanding of relevant concepts and encourage the use of available resources to improve reproducibility in your in vivo research, the North American 3Rs Collaborative (NA3RsC), the UK’s National Centre for the 3Rs (NC3Rs) and New Jersey Association for Biomedical Research (NJABR) have come together with LabRoots to bring you the Laboratory Animal Sciences virtual conference.

This year’s theme: How reliable are your animal experiments? Increasing the probability of success and reproducibility.

Learn more at this event about:

The impact of lack of reproducibility on scientific progress and animal use, the cause of reproducibility failure, and strategies you can implement today to improve your experiments tomorrow, including:

* The importance of robust experimental design
* Making every subject count
* Blinding and randomization
* Introducing heterogeneity
* Consideration of sex bias in preclinical research
* Building in statistical power

* Reporting and guidelines to improve transparency

* Emerging technology and modeling
* Optimizing reproducibility through the adoption of translational digital biomarkers
* Effective therapies and improved reproducibility in the drug safety space through mathematical modeling

Our virtual conference allows you to participate in a global setting with no travel or cost to you. The event will remain open 6 months from the date of the live event. The webinars will be available for unlimited on-demand viewing. This virtual conference also offers increased reach for the global microbiology community with a high degree of interaction through live-streaming video and chat sessions.