Living Shorelines Tech Transfer Workshop: A Review

May 20, 2020

Living Shorelines Tech Transfer Workshop: A Review

This webinar, Advances in Nature-based Methods of Shoreline Stabilization, is brought to you by NOAA's National Ocean Service as part of NOAA's Science Seminar Series.

Nature-based shoreline stabilization methods, often called living shorelines or soft shorelines, are increasingly popular among landowners but are still a fraction of the developed coastline. Restore America's Estuaries hosted a Living Shorelines Tech Transfer Workshop to bring together the national community of practice working in this field to share ideas and lessons learned. This webinar will review some of the major issues that came up during this meeting, including technological advances,policy and permitting issues, new research in the field, and barriers to implementation. The talk will include examples from around the country and links to reference materials.

Speaker bio:

Hilary Stevens is the coastal resilience manager at Restore America's Estuaries. She oversees the Blue Carbon and Living Shorelines programs. She is a geologist and environmental scientist with extensive experience in coastal resource management. She has a particular affinity for island communities, stemming from her time working in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands, and as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines. She holds a Master's from Yale University anda B.S. from Wesleyan University.