Maximizing Out-Licensing Opportunities Through AI-Assisted Benchmarking Of Patents

September 20, 2020

Maximizing Out-Licensing Opportunities Through AI-Assisted Benchmarking Of Patents

For this week’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) Licensing Forum, we will have a special licensing presentation by one of the new NIH contract law firms, McBee Moore & Vanik IP, LLC.

This seminar will examine and discuss the patent landscape of some hot technology areas and compare the quality of different patent portfolios in those areas. Useful metrics for analyzing and comparing — benchmarking — those patent portfolios, as well as identifying the most valuable IP, spotting trends over time, and identifying technology gaps, will also be explained and discussed.

Meeting info:

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Meeting ID: 623 329 789
Password: OTTConA


Susan S. McBee, Partner
Susan is a registered patent attorney and is recognized by Chambers and Partners USA as a leader in the field of intellectual property law. She is experienced in patent portfolio management for large Fortune 500 companies engaged in chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and engineering fields, including agricultural chemistry, polymer chemistry, food additives and processes, small molecule chemistry, genetic engineering, biotechnology, medical devices, metallurgy, electronic materials and associated methods of manufacture and use. She also has extensive experience with both ex parte reexamination and inter partes review proceedings at the USPTO representing both patentees and third-party requestors. She often is involved in IP due diligence during acquisitions and licensing negotiations involving her clients. Susan’s prior career experience includes owning and operating a patent search company and working as a patent examiner at the USPTO in the field of polymer chemistry/light sensitive materials.

Chester G. Moore III, PhD, Partner
C.G. is a registered patent attorney and concentrates his practice in the fields of biotechnology and chemistry, with a particular emphasis on molecular and cellular biology, small molecule chemistry, medical devices, agricultural chemistry, and food additives. He also has broad experience with ex parte reexamination and inter partes review proceedings, appeals to the PTAB, managing patent portfolios, drafting patent licenses and opinions, and support of litigation involving patents and trademarks. He gained significant research experience in the life sciences through his work as a research assistant at the Oregon Health Sciences University and later at the Massachusetts General Hospital. He also acquired first-hand experience with the biotechnology industry while working with the New England Organ Bank and the Transplant Resource Center of Maryland. As a PhD candidate at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, his doctoral research focused on the regulation of glutamate receptors and their interaction with Homer proteins.