NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Partnership Forum

Virtual Conference
April 21, 2021

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Partnership Forum

You are invited to the initial meeting of the NASA MSFC Partnership Forum to be held virtually on April 20th at 9 am. The session is free, but registration is required. The WebEx meeting information will be provided to registrants on April 19th.

Industry is starting this new group to discuss how the available capabilities of the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) can be used to support our business goals and can serve as a conduit for enhancing the partnerships process. This group will also serve as a communication forum for the MSFC Partnerships & Formulation Office (PFO) to understand partner needs and advocate for help with any issues from within the center.

Below are some key attributes of this forum:

VISION: Provide a non-attribution environment for interactive engagements to create resilient relationships between Marshall Space Flight Center and the science and technology industry and academic base to realize economic generation, vitality in maintaining capabilities and the necessary work skills, and the support and sustainment of the growing U.S. Space economy.

PURPOSE: To create, mature, and sustain collaborative discussions and partnerships with NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.

1. Establish an industry-led, government-sponsored forum for the frank exchange to create synergy between industry, academia and NASA MSFC through partnership initiatives.
2. Promote awareness of governmental activities, programs, and policies which may impact partnership initiatives and existing capabilities.
3. Advocate industry, academic and government collaboration which promotes economic growth, workforce sustainment, and safeguards unique or underutilized capabilities which serve to enrich the development and sustainment of space capabilities.
4. Leverage the existing synergy of stakeholder experiences, needs, and desires to implement a process that facilitates long-term growth and resiliency for the U.S. Space Economy – locally, regionally, and nationally.