National Reactor Innovation Center: What Inspires Us

September 20, 2020

National Reactor Innovation Center: What Inspires Us

The National Reactor Innovation Center (NRIC) at Idaho National Laboratory launches the first webinar in its series “What Inspires Us”.

This 90-minute webinar will be moderated by Ashley Finan, director of NRIC. She will be joined by Mark Peters, Idaho National Laboratory director, and Suzanne Baker, creative director at the University of Michigan’s Fastest Path to Zero Initiative and founder of Good Energy Collective. They will talk about what inspires them to promote nuclear energy as part of the broader clean energy initiative, and give an update on the NRIC program.

NRIC collaborates with communities, innovators, and the U.S. National Laboratory System to identify appropriate sites and resources to enable successful projects for all stakeholders. As a destination, NRIC provides a space to convene for outreach, showcasing, and events.

Permitting and regulatory assistance, contracting support, and channels for local engagement are all offered by NRIC to help communities and innovators navigate new-build timelines.

NRIC empowers innovators by providing access to government resources, facilities, and infrastructure. These capabilities will ultimately support a timely and cost-effective path to the licensing and commercialization of new nuclear energy systems.