NETL Crosscutting Research: Advanced Manufacturing

Virtual Conference
June 21, 2021

NETL Crosscutting Research: Advanced Manufacturing

The Department of Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) announces the 2021 FE R&D Virtual Project Review Meeting. Presented will be projects from Crosscutting Research, Rare Earth Elements and Critical Minerals, Gasification Systems, Transformative Power Generation, and Advanced Coal Processing programs.

The June 10 session will be on Advanced Manufracturing.

Topics will include:

* Low-Cost Hip Fabrication of Advanced Power Cycle Components and PM/Wrought in 740h Weld Development

* Low Cost Fabrication of ODS Materials

* Solid State Joining of Creep Enhanced Ferritic Steels

* Integrated Process Improvement using Laser and Friction Stir Processing for Nickel Alloys used in Fossil Energy Power Plant Applications

* Components Fabricated by Additive Manufacturing

* Development of Functionally Graded Transition Joints to Enable Dissimilar Metal Welds

* Multi-Pass Hybrid Laser ARC Welding of Alloy 740H

* Additively Manufactured Graded Composite Transition Joints for Dissimilar Metal Weldments in Ultra-Supercritical Power Plant

* Optimization of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) Process to Produce Advanced Ultra-Supercritical Components (AUSC) Components with Increased Service Life

* Computation Tools for Additive Manufacture of Tailored Microstructure and Properties

* Robust Dissimilar Metal Friction Welded Spool for Enhanced Capability for Steam Power Components