NETL Crosscutting Research: Computational Materials Design

Virtual Conference
June 21, 2021

NETL Crosscutting Research: Computational Materials Design

The Department of Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) announces the 2021 FE R&D Virtual Project Review Meeting. Presented will be projects from Crosscutting Research, Rare Earth Elements and Critical Minerals, Gasification Systems, Transformative Power Generation, and Advanced Coal Processing programs.

The June 8 session will be on Computational Materials Design.

Topics will include:

* ICME for Advanced Manufacturing of Nickel Superalloy Heat Exchangers with High Temperature CREEP Plus Oxidation Resistance for Supercritical CO2

* Digital Twin Model for Advanced Manufacture of a Rotating Detonation Engine Injector

* eXtremeMAT – Computational Simulations

* Predictive Design of Novel Ni-based Alloys

* Integrated Computational Materials and Mechanical Modeling for Additive Manufacturing of Alloys with Graded Structure used in Fossil Fuel Power Plants

* High Throughput Computational Framework of Materials Properties for Extreme Environments

* Multi-Modal Approach to Modeling Creep Deformation in Ni-Base Superalloys

* Alloy for Enhancement of Operational Flexibility of Power Plants

* Development of Novel Combustion Codes for Supercritical CO2 Combustion

* Pseudo-Spectral Method for Conjugate Heat Transfer Prediction of Impinging Flows over Rough Surfaces

* Accelerating High Temperature Operation Development of High Entropy Alloys via High Performance Computation