Network Demand and Intelligent Automation

June 20, 2020

Network Demand and Intelligent Automation

Public sector operations have been disrupted. State and local government leaders are facing an unprecedented amount of change – entire workforces are now remote, the need for citizen services has spiked and resources have been reallocated. The network is more important than ever.

Before this disruption, many agencies had started digital transformation efforts to enhance their networks and provide next-generation government services. The good news: all of this change doesn’t need to derail your vision. Agencies can still maximize the capabilities of the current network through intelligent automation, helping to enhance agility and productivity to better navigate the current landscape and build a foundation for future innovation.

Our panel of network experts will walk you through:

* What intelligent automation is and how it can help you do more with less
* Real-life use cases of how agencies boosted the performance of their legacy networks
* How intelligent automation can help deliver a higher-quality experience to government employees and citizens
* How intelligent automation can serve as a starting point in your evolution to an adaptive network