NIA and NHLBI Entrepreneur Workshop Series: Intellectual Property

April 21, 2021

NIA and NHLBI Entrepreneur Workshop Series: Intellectual Property

Obtaining intellectual property (IP) protection for an innovation is one of the most critical stages for startups and a necessary step to obtain ownership and a competitive position in the market. Of the four major IP protection types, patents are the most valuable and common forms for healthcare-related startups - and are usually a startup’s most essential,often only, assets.

Join us for Intellectual Property, the next session in the Entrepreneur Workshop Series co-hosted by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) Office of Small Business Research (OSBR) and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Small Business Program.

This workshop will focus on the patenting process, the cost of obtaining a patent, joint IP with a university, and freedom to operate related to startup companies. Though not offering legal advice, this session will attempt to clarify many aspects of patents and the patenting process in the United States and internationally.

Get expert guidance and advice by registering to attend one of these breakout rooms:

Elements of a Patent Application (Gautam Prakash, PhD)

• Purpose of the specification
• Inventors and assignees
• Claims
• Drawings
• Sequence listing

Patent Application Process (John Darling, JD)

• Timeline and filing fees
• Issuance and maintenance fees
• Patentability (requirements, usefulness, novelty)
• Types of applications (non-provisionals, provisionals)
• International coverage

Working with university-owned IP (Don Rose, PhD)

• Licensing IP from the university (when, how)
• IP generated through STTR or faculty consulting
• Corporate counsel versus university counsel