POSTPONED: Cross Industry Collaboration Workshop - Imaging

April 20, 2020

POSTPONED: Cross Industry Collaboration Workshop - Imaging

  Schlumberger, 10001 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX, 77042, United States

Update: In light of this coronavirus pandemic, TCC has decided to postpone the upcoming cross industry collaboration workshop on Imaging to a later date. The new date will be announced on the TCC website ( ) and through TCC News when the COVID-19 situation is under control.

The importance of imaging technologies has been gaining prominence over the last few decades. This is particularly true of spectral imaging, which augments the spatial information of spectroscopy, enabling a broader discovery and diagnostic capability.

The applications of these technologies are growing rapidly in a wide array of industries as their value proposition becomes more evident. The independent advances in these industries provide an opportunity to share knowledge and experience across disciplines for mutual benefit to all.

Following the enthusiasm generated by onsite seminar on this topic in September 2019, the Technology Collaboration Center will hold a full day workshop to take this theme to the next level. This workshop will include presentations across multiple technology sectors, which may come from companies, startups, universities, research institutions or government labs.