PPPL Introduction to Fusion Energy and Plasma Physics

June 21, 2021

PPPL Introduction to Fusion Energy and Plasma Physics

During the weeks of June 14th-25th 2021, students accepted in the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) program and other fusion/plasma undergraduate intenship programs throughout the US, will participate in an intensive course on plasma physics and fusion energy sciences, taught by world renowned scientists from various national and international institutions. If you're conducting fusion/plasma research, or simply interested in the field, you can enroll in the course at no cost.

Due to the unusual circunstances of the 2021 Summer term, the introductory course will be fully conducted via Zoom, and in half-day sessions in order to accomodate various time zones.

Enrolling lets you join the Zoom course, ask questions during the talks, join the networking events and be informed of fusion and plasma events during the summer. Nonetheless, you can view all talks, live and archived, without enrolling.

The content will reflect the broad research under the Fusion Energy Sciences and Plasma Physics umbrella, including discovery plasma sciences, magnetic fusion energy, fusion materias and technology and high energy density plasmas.

Speakers include representatives from:

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Sandia National Laboratories

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Jet Propulsion Laboratory