SFS Access & Explore NEON Biodiversity Data Workshop

Virtual Conference
June 20, 2020

SFS Access & Explore NEON Biodiversity Data Workshop

National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) data cover a wide range of subject areas within ecology, including organismal observations, biogeochemistry, remote sensing, and micrometeorology, this online workshop focuses on NEON biodiversity data collected from our 34 aquatic sites, including 24 wadable streams, 3 rivers, and 7 lakes.

Instruction will include an overview of the breadth of NEON biodiversity data before providing code-along with instruction on how to retrieve and convert NEON biodiversity data to standardized formats (long and wide species tables with relevant metadata to make cross data product comparisons possible) for taxonomic groups such as fishes, benthic macroinvertebrates, and algae. Participants will learn about the ecocomDP data model, a standardized data format designed by the Environmental Data Initiative (EDI) for biodiversity data, and how to import NEON data into this data pattern for synthesis work. Participants will also learn how to format and work with NEON data in a variety of standard R packages, including: Jost (2007)-style alpha, beta, and gamma diversity using the vegetarian package; alpha, beta, and gamma variability using ltmc R package; and ordinations using vegan package for R.

This 3-hr workshop is part of the 2020 Society for Freshwater Science (SFS) Summer of Science. The workshop, and other events in the Summer of Science, is free to members of SFS. However, registration is required and the workshop is limited to 40 participants.
The target audience for this workshop is a current or potential data user who wants to explore a range of aquatic organismal data products, learn how to download and work with NEON data, and apply popular biodiversity R packages to the data. If time allows, this workshop may also explore environmental data available from the NEON data portal and how biodiversity data and environmental data relate to one another.

A registration link will be provided once registration is open.