Shaping Our Carbon-free Future

March 21, 2021

Shaping Our Carbon-free Future

Join the Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) Webinar Series​ as we examine the opportunities, challenges, and innovations needed for Shaping our Carbon-Free Future

​​​The transformation of the entire energy sector from its current state to zero-carbon by the second half of this century involves more than just changing the electricity sector. The magnitude and complexity of this transition is immense, and we cannot afford to leave any carbon-free technology behind. It becomes incumbent on all energy professionals to work across all available technologies and impacted industries to build integrated approaches that achieve a carbon-free future. As a major source of clean and reliable energy, nuclear -energy is an essential component of the clean energy future; however, nuclear has historically operated in a silo, largely focused on base-load electricity generation and minimal interplay with intermittent generators and other energy streams. To achieve the transformation, we must work together to consider all the pote​​​ntial pathways and innovations that can be used to meet our local, state, and national goals.

Energy professionals are diving into this challenge to deploy today's carbon-free​ technologies and develop new carbon-free technologies. Given the need for reliable clean energy in a growing market, the broader clean energy community will have to balance the various clean energy technologies to meet future energy needs with several options and pathways. As an example, future nuclear energy options will include reactors of varying size and energy output, as well as those that can serve a variety of electric and non-electric applications, and interplay with other energy generation technologies.


* Enabling the Transition to a Clean Energy Economy​
Examine the magnitude of the carbon-free challenge, decode some of the lingo, pitfalls of both near and far term thinking, potential domino effects, and how scenario planning is critical to the transition.​

* Scenario Planning - Multiple Pathways to a Clean Energy Future
Examine the potential pathways and various models used to project them. Meet the experts behind these models and hear about how they approach analyzing carbon reduction scenarios.