Sharing the Sun: U.S. Community Solar Data and Cost

May 20, 2020

Sharing the Sun: U.S. Community Solar Data and Cost

The U.S. community solar market is growing rapidly, with more than 1.5 GW-AC of projects installed and more growth expected in several key states. This webinar will present trends in community solar deployment across the country, with a focus on the types of subscriptions being offered and their value proposition to subscribers.

Using data collected from industry partners and publicly available information, we will address key questions such as:
• How are customers paying for community solar?
• It is upfront or ongoing, or a hybrid model?
• What is the estimated net present value of different contract structures in different state markets?

The webinar seeks to inform utilities, community solar developers, state policymakers, and the academic community.

Jenny Heeter, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Eric O’Shaughnessy, Clean Kilowatts LLC
Gabe Chan, University of Minnesota