Startup AMA with Army Applications Laboratory

June 21, 2021

Startup AMA with Army Applications Laboratory

This session is designed to help break down barriers to entry for early stage companies who want to do business with Army Applications Laboratory (AAL).

Does your solution have a use case that might be useful to the Army? Have you considered working with the DoD but you're not sure where to start? AAL matches Army problems with startups like you to solve some of the biggest modernization challenges across the DoD ecosystem.

Join the AAL's Corporate Ventures team for a quick rundown on how we source and fund solutions followed by an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) session. Plus, after the event, we'll review your company and let you know if there are any open opportunities that might align with your solution(s).

The June 16 special session will cover all of our regular content with an added emphasis on solicitation submission tips. Zach Harrell, one of AAL's Tech Analysis experts, will join to review some application do's and don'ts based on his team's experience with the down-select process.