Take Your Discovery from the Lab to Real World

June 21, 2021

Take Your Discovery from the Lab to Real World

CO-LABS and Innosphere Ventures are teaming up to help you understand the broad spectrum of resources, as well as the necessary steps to consider as you explore how your science can move outside the lab.

Topics to be covered include:
* Step one: Securing rights to your technology and IP
* Customer discovery: Identifying the problem your technology solves
* Discerning your labs' protocols for T2
* Initial target market: How to think about your market sizing
* Your business model: How to think about revenue and sales
* Pursuing funding: Grants or early investors?
* What role do support organizations like Innosphere Ventures play?
* Next Steps

Mapping out these steps and defining your business milestones requires preparation with experienced, business commercialization experts from the tech industry who have done this before! Attendees will learn how an incubation program like Innosphere Ventures can guide you from the earliest steps of forming your business, to raising non-dilutive capital, and if it’s your goal - all the way through sale or acquisition.

Innosphere Ventures is a leading science and technology incubator in the region, with experienced mentors that work to support the commercialization efforts of CEOs and founders.