The DOE Laboratory Partnering Service

September 20, 2020

The DOE Laboratory Partnering Service

This engagement will focus on how the Lab Partnering Service (LPS) seeks to contextualize information from the multitude of scientific domains across the Department of Energy (DOE). The LPS informs investment decisions, increases marketplace competitiveness, and enables technology transfer by connecting investors to preeminent experts, competitive technology, world-class facilities, and streamlined partnering opportunities.

This webinar will feature Rob Bectel, the creator of the Lab Partnering Service. He will share how the LPS engages customers through its interface, information, and connections, and how you can learn the value of turning information into actionable insights, and connect with the expertise of the National Laboratories.

Launched in 2018, LPS is online with 21 National Laboratories, Plants and/or Facilities with more than 250 experts, and 200 R&D facilities across 30+ technologies -- findable via a faceted, point-n-click search and a traditional text-based search. The expertise search provides investors with a direct, person-focused conduit to expertise across DOE and its National Laboratories. This categorized list is a selection of leading experts across “hot” technology areas.

The LPS has an additional 1,400 technology summaries, 260 success stories, and more than 40,000 patents and applications online that provide additional context and supporting information across technology areas and intellectual property available for licensing, and publications from DOE Laboratories and other participating research entities.