TRISH Disruptions on Display - Red Risk School

December 20, 2020

TRISH Disruptions on Display - Red Risk School

Join the Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH) for a webinar series exploring the most pressing risks to human health in space - NASA's Red Risks. TRISH welcomes researchers, entrepreneurs and their novel ideas for funding opportunities to address these "Red Risks" and keep astronauts safe in deep space.

This week of talks are TRISH Disruptions on Display - get a first look at boundary-challenging space health research and technologies.


• Monday, December 7:
Personalized Prebiotics for Astronauts
Lawrence David, Ph.D.

• Tuesday, December 8:
Astronaut on a Chip: Engineered
Human Organs in Space Radiation
Daniel Naveed Tavakol, M.S.

• Wednesday, December 9:
Digital Medical Avatars
Erik Funkhouser

• Thursday, December 10:
Out-of-body SANS Research
Tasneem Sharma, Ph.D.

• Friday, December 11:
The New Test Strip
Frederic Zenhausern, Ph.D.