Trusted AI - Grounding the Critical Path

Virtual Conference
April 21, 2021

Trusted AI - Grounding the Critical Path

You are invited to participate in Trusted AI - Grounding the Critical Path, the second exciting event of the Trusted AI Challenge Series, as we discuss scientific and technical challenge problems in the design, verification, and validation of trusted autonomous systems and open the call for proposals. Join us to learn more about the Challenge Problems and funding opportunities for academic, small business, and international R&D communities.

Hosted by Innovare Advancement Center, this three-part series is designed to cultivate, define and fund creative solutions to a set of challenge problems in trustworthy AI. During Trusted AI Challenge Series: Event 1 - Building the Vision, a distinguished set of speakers and panelists from academic, government and industry shared their vision on the future of trusted autonomous systems and insights on key research challenges. Event 1 - Building the Vision had over 600 live viewers from over 33 countries with 7000+ total views.

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), Innovare Advancement Center, National Security Innovation Network (NSIN), The State University of New York (SUNY), NYSTEC, and Griffiss Institute invite you to attend the Trusted AI Challenge Series: Event 2 - Grounding the Critical Path, to learn more about the various funding opportunities and to hear first-hand about the challenge problems and solicitation.

Trusted AI Challenge Problems Unveiled!

Inspired by the vision shared by the distinguished speakers of the Event 1, informed by the technology needs of the partner organizations and drawing upon their expertise as leading researchers and engineers, the members of the Trusted AI Challenge Committee have developed four challenge problems that are critical for the widespread acceptance and adoption of AI systems. The challenges are open to US based academia and small businesses, and the Air Force Research Lab international community.

Trusted AI Challenge Problems:

TOPIC #1: Verification of Autonomous Systems
TOPIC #2: Human-Artificial Intelligence Performance Optimization: Trust and Joint Action for Digital Data Analysis
TOPIC #3: Dynamic Bi-Directional Trust in Human-AI Collaborative Systems
TOPIC #4: Trustworthy AI Certification