USDA Forest Service Biochar Production Technology Webinar

June 20, 2020

USDA Forest Service Biochar Production Technology Webinar

The USDA Forest Service invites you to the Biochar Production Technology Webinar. Webinar speakers will discuss biochar production systems and technological solutions that can help manage wood residues in storm-damaged areas, municipal wood yards, and at wood using facilities while also generating value added biochar.

Alex Ebben is a process sales/chemical engineer at FEECO, who works with a vast array of industries including gas and oil, mining and minerals, chemical, forest products and biomass, ceramics, and paper.

This presentation focuses on conversion from biomass to biochar and activated carbon, and highlights some key differences and cost factors associated with each.

Matt O'Connor is a product specialist, carbonizing systems with Tigercat. He has had lifelong involvement in the industry, designing and manufacturing process equipment.

This presentation shares information about mobile processing systems such as Tigercat's new mobile carbonizers for manufacturing biochar from wood residues to assist with solving wood residue management issues in different circumstances.

Who should attend:

* Prospective business owners
* Forest industry representatives
* City officials
* Water resource managers
* Soil resource managers
* Landscape companies
* Forest resource managers
* Arborists and tree care professionals