Using Ocean Waves to Power Remote Ocean Science

April 20, 2020

Using Ocean Waves to Power Remote Ocean Science

Join us online for another NOAA Innovators presentation on April 22nd at 1pm Eastern.

Speaker: Dr. Tim Mundon, Oscilla Power, VP Engineering

Abstract: This presentation explores the concept of using micro-scale wave energy converters (WEC’s) as power sources for instrumentation and other low-power (≤50W average) ocean applications. The concept of using ocean waves for remote power at sea is not new, although it has so far proved to be impractical. Until recently, research in this field has focused on the development of large utility-scale systems which cannot easily be scaled down for smaller applications. We demonstrate that if designed appropriately, a man-deployable wave-energy system can produce useful quantities of power that may be somewhat independent of climate.

About the Speaker: Dr. Tim Mundon has 20 years experience working on the development of wave energy and is currently the Vice President of Engineering at Oscilla Power. Dr Mundon received his Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh in 2005 where he researched optimization of wave energy devices. He has experience working on the design and development of a number of different wave energy devices, along with complementary experience on a number of other marine energy projects.