Using Valuations in Technology Transfer

September 21, 2021

Using Valuations in Technology Transfer

Steve Ferguson, CLP will discuss how using valuations can be a good start in getting information needed at various stages of technology transfer and help mitigate the uncertainty that surrounds intellectual property.

This session aims to create an understanding of the following:

  • Why Is Valuation a Useful Skill in Technology Transfer?
  • Why Do Technology Valuation?
  • What Do We Have to Value?
  • Why Will Prospective Licensees Care About Our Valuation of IP?
  • When and Why is Valuation Needed?
  • Starting A Valuation of Early-Stage Technology
  • Methods of Valuation

Steven M. Ferguson currently serves as Special Advisor at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Technology Transfer where he has worked since 1990. The biomedical technology transfer program at NIH is one of the world’s largest with a portfolio that includes about 1,700 active licenses with aggregate sales greater than $6 Billion per year that is based upon research that has also generated 34 FDA-approved drugs & vaccines. The NIH is a leader in medical breakthroughs, with the discovery of new biological molecules, processes and pathways, novel medical technologies, and innovative applications of existing medical knowledge.

Technology transfer at the NIH begins in these laboratories and makes these discoveries available to improve public health through licensing and collaboration agreements with the private sector. Register here.