Virtual Engagement Strategies for TTOs: Scaling Up Online Connectivity Now and Building Future Resiliency

May 20, 2020

Virtual Engagement Strategies for TTOs: Scaling Up Online Connectivity Now and Building Future Resiliency

Join us for a live webinar on Virtual Engagement Strategies for TTOs, scheduled for May 21 at 1 pm Eastern.

Tech transfer and venture development offices rely on close relationships with peers, faculty, students, government agencies and business partners to keep the innovation wheels greased and the pipeline flowing.

The pandemic all but brought that to a grinding halt — at least in the traditional sense. But this presents TTOs and industry engagement offices with an opportunity to build and scale virtual engagement platforms that can not only be critical in this dire moment in time, but in the future as a means of enhancing resiliency, expanding outreach, and actually enhancing your ability to connect.

This is the time to establish dynamic engagement tools and technologies outside the conventional confines of in-person events and meetings: convergence of digital experience within events of all size and scale is not a nice-to-have, but a must-have. Fortunately, we live in a time when technology enables relationships (one to one, one to many, many to many) to thrive, transcending the confines of strictly event-based, face-to-face engagement. True impact comes from strategic integration of program, purpose and platform.

Tech Transfer Central has teamed up with a panel of experts who will explore approaches to integrating virtual engagement strategies that can serve your urgent needs for continued outreach while deepening connections within your current ecosystem, scaling your ecosystem presence, and ensuring greater resiliency for the future.

You’ll hear our esteemed panelists discuss:

A new virtual era with opportunities for growth
* Top opportunities; top challenges
* Big vision; plenty of pilots…

Aligning on purpose
* Refining the top 3 priorities of your office
* Vision vs Execution: setting expectations

Assessing your current assets
* Optimizing for scalability and resiliency
* The scalable data foundation: discussion of strategies, tools and techniques

Assessing your ecosystem
* Ecosystem as an asset: Persona identification, strategy and management
* Purpose-built experiences to grow engagement

Convergence, integration and engagement – the keys to resilient, scalable ecosystems
* Virtual integration and partnerships: digitally powered growth strategies
* Engagement models, revenue models, continuous improvement

Plus: Our panel will answer all of your questions during the interactive Q&A portion of the program.