Webinar for ISS NRLA on In-Space Production Applications: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

April 21, 2021

Webinar for ISS NRLA on In-Space Production Applications: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

Join us for an informational webinar on April 6 supporting ISS National Lab Research Announcement (NLRA) 2021-5: In-Space Production Applications: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials. During the webinar, we will review the objectives of the research announcement and answer questions from potential proposers. Upon completion of the webinar, a recording will be made available to the research community through the NLRA 2021-5 webpage.

Through this research announcement, the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) seeks proposals in the areas of advanced or exotic materials production and/or associated technologies. Suggested topics within this focus area include the following:

· Thin-layer deposition: Creating and depositing thin film coatings onto a substrate material with the ability to design in certain properties that improve the performance of the material

· Crystal growth and/or production improvements: Crystallization of small organic molecules or large biomolecules, production of uniform crystals, or growth of inorganic crystals

· In-space production or metallurgical development: The development of next-generation production methods, the synthesis and testing of novel materials, and the exploitation of mechanisms involved in material transformations for the production of new materials with unique characteristics

· Process improvements: Use of the ISS to develop and support the use of hardware and production techniques/approaches focused on the production of materials for in-space use and/or terrestrial applications

This research announcement will follow a two-step proposal submission process. Before being invited to submit a full proposal, all interested investigators must complete and submit a Step One Concept Summary for review. Step One Concept Summaries for this research announcement are due by end of day on May 6, 2021, with Step 2 Full Proposals (from those invited to submit) due by end of day June 22, 2021.