Zero Trust: Beyond the Moat

Virtual Conference
April 21, 2021

Zero Trust: Beyond the Moat

As technology evolves, so do the threats to its security. The remote work shift caused by the continuing pandemic has pressed security teams to reassess how they verify and allow access. Zero Trust is a strategy, not a product, which reimagines the way access is granted to users, to data and to applications. Devices, which used to be central to identity, now include personal computers and home internet connections, which are not government issued. So, how do I know you are who you say you are? What are the latest changes to Identity and Credential Access Management?

Learn how agencies are managing these changes to the way government works and how agencies are rethinking network architecture, identity management and the use of personal devices and networks.

After attending this FCW Workshop, you will come away with an improved ability to:
* Manage access management with a remote workforce
* Understand new NIST guidance on Zero Trust architecture
* Learn how DOD is using Commercial Virtual Remote Telework environment
* Evaluate the ways Multi-factor Authentication, Single-Sign-On and CDM work with Zero Trust
* Understand the importance of network segmentation
* Manage security challenges that grow faster than budgets

Speakers and Presenters include:

Patrick Dedham
Deputy to the Commanding General, Senior Technical Director, Chief Engineer
U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command

Brigadier General Chad Raduege
Director of Cyberspace and Information Dominance and Chief Information Officer,
Headquarters Air Combat Command
U.S. Air Force

Scott Rose
Computer Scientist
National Institute of Standards and Technology