FLC Business Help Page

CSV Upload Steps

*Please note you need to be signed in to your FLC account and have permission to update your lab profile in FLC Business. 

Updating or Uploading New Information 

  1. Download CSV with current data
  2. Make required changes for required columns to make changes for respective fields
  3. Don't change the GUID field ever as this is the unique identifier to run the update for Correct Available Technologies
  4. For Lab field updates, please Add the correct Lab name Under Lab Column
  5. If you want to hide or delete a listing enter 0 in the publication Status 
  6. When you add a new Technology, be sure to add the Lab Name in the column and a 1 in the Publication Status column   
  7. If you will add lab that is not referenced in your profile, then you will be lost the respective Available Technology node from your list


If you want an account to update your lab's FLC Business listings please email: Katherine Segreti at ksegreti@federalalbs.org 

If you are still having issues with your upload please email: Katherine Segreti at  @federalalbs.org