2020 Midwest Award Winners

The Midwest Region would like to congratulate the following 2020 Award winners: 

  • Interagency Partnership: “Sustainment Management System (SMS) for Government/Commercial Facility Management”, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Construction Engineering Research Laboratory; and National Nuclear Security Administration. Team members: Lance Marrano, Army ERDC, CERL; Matthew Walters, Army ERDC, CERL; Julie Krebs, NNSA; Christine Ansani, Army ERDC, CERL; Na'ilah Bowden NNSA.
  • Excellence in Technology Transfer: “Tools for Identifying Host Microbes for Viruses and Antimicrobial Resistance”, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Midwest Area. Team members: Dr. Derek Bickhart, USDA ARS Midwest Area; Dr. Sergey Koren, NIH NHGRI; Prof. Mick Watson, Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh; Dr. Cheryl Heiner, Pacific Biosciences; Dr. Kevin Panke-Buisse, USDA ARS Midwest Area; Dr. Laura Cerosimo, USDA ARS Midwest AREa; Dr. Maximillian Press, Phase Genomics; Dr. Shawn Sullivan, Phase Genomics; Dr. Ivan Liachko, Phase Genomics; Dr. Adam Phillippy, NIH NHGRI; Dr. Timothy Smith, USDA ARS Plains Area.