2020 Southeast Award Winners

The Southeast Region would like to congratulate the 2020 Award winners: 

  • Excellence in Technology Transfer: “Licensing ORNL’s large scale additive manufacturing build platform to MVP”, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Team members: Dr. Eugene Cochran, ORNL; Dr. Craig Blue, ORNL; Dr. William Peter, ORNL; Dr. Vlastimil Kunc, ORNL; Dr. Lonnie Love, ORNL; Dr. Christopher Hershey, ORNL; John Lindahl, ORNL; David Nuttall, ORNL; Mike Kastura, MVP; Andrew Hedger, MVP; Ben Hedger, MVP.
  • Excellence in Technology Transfer: “Recovery of Ammonia from Waste using Gas-permeable Membranes”, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Southeast Area. Team members: Dr. Matias Vanotti, USDA ARS SEA; Dr. Ariel Szogi, USDA ARS SEA; Dr. Maria Garcia-Gonzalez, USDA, ITACyL Agricultural Technology Institute (Spain); Dr. Patricia Millner, USDA ARS BA; Dr. Fawzi Hashem, UMES; Dr. Patrick Dube, Water Environment Federation; Dr. Michael Rothrock Jr., USDA ARS; Gail Poulos, USDA ARS OTT; Jeff Dawson, Renewable Nutrients.