Aberdeen Test Center (ATC)


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6943 Colleran Road, Bldg. 400
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21005-5059
United States

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Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) opened its gates and started an exceptional journey in January 1918, with the firing of a howitzer on the Main Front Firing Range. Aberdeen's history is as exciting as its future. Testing Army systems: from the French 75 MM to the Atomic Cannon; the Christy, Sherman, Patton, Sheridan, and Abrams Tank. These systems were proven at the test center while our soldiers were in the cauldron of war... WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm and, most recently, Operation Enduring Freedom. This is the heritage that builds a soul for the test center; a commitment to those under fire, in harm's way. This focus for over 80 years brings a profound knowledge, technical strength and professional courage that assures our fighting forces have the finest weapons and equipment possible. On this bedrock, our future is built. Our dazzling past, however, is eclipsed by the promise of the future. The Army's vision of a digital force, networked, lethal yet light, agile, survivable, and supportable presents us with greater technical challenges than ever. The Army 2010 and beyond has already propelled ATC into pioneering efforts in test technology, while using the most modern business practices to minimize cost to the customers.


<div>Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) is a Major Range and Test Facility Base (MRTFB), operating under the guidance of Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 3200.11 and is a national asset with the mission to primarily support DoD test and evaluation (T&amp;E) requirements. ATC also conducts testing for federal, state and local governments, academia, private industry, and foreign governments.</div>

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Accelerated Corrosion Complex
Automatic Weapons Elevation-Depression Facility
Automotive Test Instrumentation Facility
Blast Sphere Test Facility (BSTF)
Depleted Uranium (DU) Containment Facility (SUPERBOX)
Electromagnetic Interference Test Facility (EMITF)
Experimental and Acceptance Weapons Facility
Experimental Fabrication Facility
Fire Survivability Facilities
Foreign Systems Test Facilities



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