Advanced Electronics & Power and Energy Systems Technical Capability


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300 Hwy 361
Building 2044
Crane, IN 47522
United States

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Provides comprehensive scientific and engineering knowledge, skills and facilities for conducting programs in advanced electronics and power and energy systems. Conducts full spectrum program of applied research, design, development, acquisition, test and evaluation, and life cycle management to provide safe, trusted, reliable and effective advanced electronic products. Advanced electronics include active and passive electronic devices, circuit cards, interconnect technologies, electronic controls, solid state transmit/receive modules, microwave tubes and other radio frequency devices. Maintains subject matter expertise in failure analysis, counterfeit technologies, radiation hardening, additive manufacturing, design, and test and evaluation of advanced electronics. In addition, maintains Naval Sea Systems Command's (NAVSEA's) technical authority in anti-tamper technology to include vulnerability assessments, technology and program protection planning, and supply chain risk management, as well as subject matter expertise to maintain the Navy's DoD executive agent responsibilities in microwave tubes and printed circuit board technology. For energy systems, provides comprehensive life cycle management for safe, reliable and effective energy storage and energy management systems (excluding HM&E). This includes requirements definition, design, development, prototyping & limited production, acquisition & acquisition engineering, product improvement, technology evaluation and insertion, standardization, test & evaluation, safety certification (including high energy battery systems technologies such as lithium), production engineering, in-service engineering, obsolescence management, maintenance, Fleet training, and system retirement. Power and Energy systems includes batteries, advanced high energy density storage systems, energy transfer systems, and alternative and renewable energy systems.

Unique features include:

The Advanced Electronics & Power and Energy Systems Complex is comprised of labs and test ranges providing the capability to perform chemical, mechanical, and thermal analysis of materials down to nanoscale which allows the evaluation of electronic components, sub-systems and systems for proper construction and quality as well as root cause analysis of failures that occur during testing and during module manufacture.

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