Advanced Multifunction Radio Frequency Concept Testbed


FLC Region

Security Lab



Chesapeake Beach


FUNCTION: The AMRFC testbed was developed as a proof-of-principle demonstration system that is capable of simultaneously transmitting and receiving multiple beams from common transmit and receive array antennas for radar, electronic warfare, and communications. These RF functions are controlled by common resource allocation manager (RAM) software over a real-time control network. New RF functionality may be readily added to the testbed as required for further demonstrations.

DESCRIPTION: Testbed electronics are housed in seven converted 20-ft shipping containers, or trailers. The arrays are mounted on a 15-degree tiltback in the ends of two of the trailers overlooking the Chesapeake Bay, emulating a possible shipboard installation. Packaging the testbed electronics into trailers provides the ability to support laboratory equipment in a protected environment, and provides options to transport testbed assets to other test locations, such as aboard ship. One set of stacked trailers is allocated to the transmit array and associated signal generation electronics. A second stacked trailer pair is allocated to the receive array and associated digital receiver, digital beamforming, and electronic surveillance receive electronics. A fifth trailer houses the testbed communication electronics, and the remaining two trailers provide the central processing, displays, and operations electronics.

INSTRUMENTATION: The testbed consists of separate active transmit and receive arrays that operate over the 6 to18 GHz band (nominally). Current functionality includes a multimode navigation/surface surveillance Doppler radar, multiple communication links (line of sight and satellite), and passive and active electronic warfare capabilities. Additionally, several fixed dish antennas are located at the site for testing with equipment located at Tilghman Island. An over-the-air Ethernet link was also developed for remote control of Tilghman Island equipment.


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