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Volpe's Advanced Vehicle Technology Division performs engineering analyses to facilitate the deployment and enhance the safety of advanced technologies in motor vehicles.

We focus on advanced-technology crash avoidance and severity mitigation systems, automated vehicle applications, connected vehicle safety, safe reliability of automotive electronic control systems, and safe operation of rechargeable energy storage systems.

The results of our work support all levels of government and industry with the engineering foundation and information necessary to do the following:

  • Build and deploy safety-effective automotive systems based on advanced technologies
  • Issue safety standards and guidelines
  • Quantify the societal safety problems from motor vehicle crashes and recalls
  • Predict the potential safety benefits of advanced automotive technologies
  • Improve the safety and mobility of the motoring public
  • Safe reliability analysis of automotive electronic systems
  • Safety analysis of rechargeable energy storage systems
  • Motor vehicle crash analysis
  • Development of crash countermeasure concepts
  • State-of-the-art technology assessment
  • Development of performance requirements for safety systems
  • Objective testing of vehicle safety systems
  • Evaluation of field operational tests
  • Simulation of system-vehicle-driver interactions
  • Safety benefits estimation

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