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2130 8th Street
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433
United States

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AFRL Aerospace Systems Directorate develops air and space vehicle propulsion and power technologies. Focus areas include turbine and rocket engines, advanced propulsion systems, and fuels and propellants for all propulsion systems. The Wright-Patterson AFB location is focused on the development of air-breathing engines and most forms of power technology. Programs address both future systems and the need to keep current systems competitive, safe, affordable, and effective. The AFRLAerospace Systems Directorate provides one-stop shopping for all forms of propulsion science and technology of interest to the Air (and space) Force turbine and rocket engines, advanced propulsion systems, and the propellants they run on. The directorate is also responsible for most forms of power technology (other than that required for spacecraft), making it one of the nation's leaders in the field of energetics. Program emphasis is on meeting future Air Force needs while keeping current systems competitive and affordable. AFRLAerospace Systems Directorate personnel and research and development, as well as its test and evaluation facilities, offer numerous unique features and opportunities. TheAerospace Systems Directorate develops propulsion and related technologies for the Air Force including: turbine and rocket engines, advanced propulsion systems, fuels, propellants, and lubricants, and aircraft power. The Directorate is headquartered at the Wright Research Site, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, and supplemented by additional personnel and research facilities located at Edwards Research Site, Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.


To create and transition propulsion and power technology for the military dominance of air and space.


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Advanced Instrumentation Lab
Advanced Launch System Complex
Aerospace Power Materials and Components (APMC) Laboratory
Aerospace Structures Test Facility Environmental Test Chambers (ETC)
Combined Environment Acoustic Chamber (CEAC)
Combustion & Laser Diagnostics Research Complex (CLDRC)
Component Research Air Facility (CRAF)  
Compressor Aero Research Lab (CARL)
Compressor Research Facility (CRF)
Detonation Engine Research Facility (DERF)



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