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Building 653
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7734
United States

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The AFRL Materials and Manufacturing Directorate perform comprehensive research and development activities to provide the Air Force with new or improved materials, processes, and manufacturing technologies. Directorate researchers explore new materials, processes and manufacturing technologies for use in aerospace applications including aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, rockets, and ground-based systems and their structural, electronic and optical components. With a host of modern materials analysis laboratories, the Directorate also provides support to Air Force weapon system acquisition offices and maintenance depots to solve materials related concerns and problems. The Directorate plans, executes and integrates advanced manufacturing technology programs and affordability initiatives addressing manufacturing process technologies, computer integrated manufacturing and excellence through design for producibility, quality, costs and the use of commercial processes and practices for military needs. Through its Airbase Technologies Division, located at Tyndall AFB, Fla., the Directorate conducts programs that enhance readiness, deployment, fire protection, peacetime training, and crash and rescue operations. The Directorate also manages the Air Force Corrosion Control Program Office at Robins AFB, Ga.; the Air Force Nondestructive Inspection Office at Tinker AFB, Okla. and the Air Force Advanced Composites Office at Hill AFB, Utah.


  • Nonmetallic Materials Division (MLB)
  • Optical Measurements Facility (OMF)
  • Metals, Ceramics & Nondestructive Evaluation Division (MLL)
  • Manufacturing Technology Division (MLM)
  • Survivability & Sensor Materials Division (MLP)
  • Airbase Technologies Division (MLQ)
  • Systems Support Division (MLS)
  • Analytical Support Laboratory
  • Coatings Technology Integration Office
  • Electronic Failure Analysis Laboratory
  • Electrostatic Discharge Control Laboratory
  • Failure Analysis Laboratory
  • Materials Compatibility & Coatings Research Laboratory
  • Materials Degradation Test Facility
  • Materials Test and Evaluation Laboratory
  • System Support Nondestructive Inspection Laboratory

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Materials Test and Evaluation Laboratory
Mechanics of Composites Laboratory
Metallurgical Research Laboratory
Molecular Beam Epitaxy Laboratory
Molecular Modeling Laboratory
NDE Acoustic Microscopy Research Laboratory
NDE Experimental Ultrasonics Research Laboratory
NDE Laser Methodology Research Laboratory
NDE X-ray Computed Tomography Research Laboratory
Optical Measurements Facility (OMF)



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