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307 E. Popson Avenue
Edwards AFB, CA 92354-6842
United States

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The Flight Test Center is known for its ability to conduct aerodynamic tests such as performance and flying qualities evaluations. The capability to test and evaluate subsystems and to perform total weapons system evaluations has also existed since the mid-1950's. The AFTC is one of the premier Test Organizations and has state of the art facilities and world class engineers and pilots to support all aspects of airframe and avionics testing. Capabilities include fully instrumented ranges, integration test facilities, man in the loop simulators and installed systems test facilities. The Test Center is capable of testing the complete weapon system, from the airframe and engine to the avionics and weapon compatibility. Each subsystem is evaluated to determine performance, function with other systems as well as the overall integrated system performance in a mission environment. The weapon systems are evaluated under climatic extremes at the McKinley Climatic Laboratory at Eglin AFB and in desert, arctic and tropical sites. Reliability and maintainability and technical order verification of each subsystem, as well as operational capability of the total weapon system is assessed. The human interface with the system is evaluated. TheTest Center has facilities to do load and flutter tests. The Avionics Test and Integration Complex is composed of the Benefield Anechoic Facility, Integration Facility for Avionic Systems Test, and Test and Evaluation Mission simulator. The AFTC also conducts research and development necessary for improvement and modernization of ranges, facilities, test techniques and analysis. It supports Space Shuttle landings and the continuing developing of capabilities to test and evaluate all atmospheric flight aspects of manned aerospace vehicles. The Test Center also conducts the research and development necessary for the improvement and modernization of ranges, facilities, test techniques and is supporting the Space Shuttle and evaluating its ability to support the DoD mission. Development of the capability to test and evaluate the atmospheric flight aspects of future manned vehicles is a continuing effort.


The (AFTC) is designed to support the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) mission by conducting and supporting tests of manned and unmanned aerospace vehicles, conducting flight evaluation and recovery of research vehicles and development testing of aerodynamic decelerators.

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Icing/Refueling Complex
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Missile/Munition Integration Facility
Nondestructive Inspection (NDI) Complex
Ridley Mission Control Center
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Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment Laboratory
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