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The Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) Software Center comprises testers and technologies to support DoD and commercial ATE. The lab is currently being enhanced to provide a tri-service electronics maintenance environment with the goals of improving weapon systems reliability, increasing situational awareness and reducing the logistics footprint through data cleansing, advanced diagnostics and prognostics, metrics reporting and trend identification.


The ATE facility at the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, Lakehurst, NJ hosts a variety of DoD and Navy test systems. The lab is equipped with fleet representative Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS) and Reconfigurable Transportable CASS (RTCASS) stations, as well as other systems used to modify, integrate, build and test changes to ATE software. Deployed ashore and afloat worldwide, CASS is the Navy's standard Automated Test System (ATS) for test and repair of naval aircraft electronic systems. The ATE Lab is presently being enhanced to host a variety of testers used in other branches of the DoD. Currently, the ATE facility is providing continuous support for the definition and development efforts to provide advanced test and diagnostics approaches and in turn reduce maintenance costs. Through the further development of the lab applications, the ATE facility will be able to support interconnectivity between the ATE Lab and other test and diagnostic labs at Lakehurst.


The test stations and support equipment hosted at the ATE Lab facilitate support for Weapons Replaceable Assemblies (WRAs) and Shop Replaceable Assemblies (SRAs) by providing a wide variety of stimulus and measurement functionalities through well-defined interfaces. Thanks in part to its variety of testers, such as LM-STAR, CASS and RTCASS, the ATE facility is capable of supporting test systems across the Navy and industry. Future lab growth will include support for additional testers such as Electronic CASS (eCASS), Virtual Instrument Portable Equipment Repair/Tester (VIPER/T), Next Generation Automatic Test System (NGATS) and Versatile Depot Automatic Test Station (VDATS), or their emulators. The ATE Lab is developing the means to gather and store information related to diagnostic results across the Navy. This allows for rapid information sharing, simulation of fleet environments and remote diagnostics. The future integration and development of the lab environment will further enhance the lab capability, providing an approach which will allow data to be organized (via dashboards and reports) and utilized across competencies.


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