CBD/Tilghman Island IR Field Evaluation Facility


FLC Region

Security Lab



Chesapeaker and Tilghman Island


FUNCTION: Research and development facility for electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) threat simulators including antiship-capable missile seekers. The facility also enables field evaluations of EO/IR countermeasures (decoys and active jamming) in an over-water environment with a focus on the protection of Navy ships

DESCRIPTION: The facility has two components, one at the Chesapeake Bay Detachment (CBD) and one at Tilghman Island. Located at CBD on the western side of the Chesapeake Bay is Building 5, which houses EO/IR sensors, sources, and measurement instrumentation. This building is set on a 30-m-high cliff overlooking the bay. Sixteen km across the bay is the Tilghman Island facility with a tower that contains instrumentation and threat simulators. These facilities enable the research that leads to the development of techniques and systems to defeat antiship-capable missile threats. The reference instrumentation quantifies the countermeasure performance and records the environmental conditions. Countermeasures may be deployed from either shore-based location or from one of the support ships attached to the facility.

INSTRUMENTATION: The CBD site overlooks the bay and includes instrumentation power and environmental controls in a large space for multiple antiship-capable seeker simulators and reference instrumentation. This site has an environmentally controlled space with optical bench. The Tilghman Island site on the eastern side of the bay features a 100-ft tower, affording a 16-km over-water path to the CBD site. The tower includes instrumentation power and environmental controls for the seeker simulators. Support ships are available as reference targets and to deploy decoys.


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