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The Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) regulates the manufacture and distribution of food additives and drugs that will be given to animals. These include animals from which human foods are derived, as well as food additives and drugs for pet (or companion) animals. CVM is responsible for regulating drugs, devices, and food additives given to, or used on, over one hundred million companion animals, plus millions of poultry, cattle, swine, and minor animal species. (Minor animal species include animals other than cattle, swine, chickens, turkeys, horses, dogs, and cats.)


The Center for Veterinary Medicine is a consumer protection organization. We foster public and animal health by approving safe and effective products for animals and by enforcing other applicable provisions of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and other authorities.

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The Food and Drug Administration is now posting all grant application packages on the Web site and accepting electronic applications. The site allows organizations to electronically review and apply for competitive grant opportunities from all Federal grant-making agencies. is a unified storefront for interactions between grant applicants and the Federal agencies that manage grant funds.

To comply with the President's Management Agenda, the Department of Health and Human Services is participating as a partner in the new government-wide Apply initiative. Users of will be able to download a copy of the application package, complete it off-line, and then upload and submit the application via the site. We request your participation in this exciting project. When you enter the site, you will find information about submitting an application electronically.


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