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CERL's HVAC Test Facility can be configured to replicate a variety of HVAC system types including single- or dual-duct and VAV or constant volume. It has six distinct sections: 1) air distribution, 2) hot water distribution, 3) chilled water distribution, 4) zones, 5) HVAC controls, and 6) data acquisition.

The air distribution system has a primary air intake with a mixed air section consisting of mechanically linked outdoor and return air dampers and a separately actuated exhaust damper. The supply fan feeds a single or dual-duct air system (as dictated by the particular system configuration being used). The return air duct is arranged so the return fan can be used or by-passed. Both the supply and return fans are modulated by variable speed drive units. A separate ventilation system contains an outdoor environment simulator (OES) consisting of heating and cooling coils, which permit conditioning of outdoor air to establish desired test conditions. Airflow measurement stations are installed in each primary and branch duct.

The hot water distribution system is fed by two combustion pulse boilers and the chilled water distribution system is fed by a reciprocating compressor chiller. The hot water and chilled water systems are separately piped and provide conditioned water to the test facility hot deck and cold deck coils and to the zone coils.

The test facility has four separate rooms or zones. Each zone is identical in size (10' x 10' x 15' high), and is equipped with heating and cooling fan coil units to impose or offset loads. The zone terminal units consist of VAV boxes with reheat. These boxes can be configured to operate in single- or dual-duct mode, constant or VAV, and with or without reheat. The facility controls consist of state-of-the-art digital controllers used to provide closed-loop proportional, integral, derivative (PID) control of all processes. Other facility interfaces and controls allow for disconnection of facility components and interface with all valves and dampers in the system.

A Hewlett Packard Data Acquisition System receives, records and analyzes signals from the extensively instrumented test facility. Temperature, pressure, and flow data can be compiled, printed and graphed from this system using software tailored specific to the CERL HVAC test facility.


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