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Cheboygan Vessel Base (CVB), located in Cheboygan, Michigan, is a field station of the USGS Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC). CVB was established by congressional action in 1973 as part of the GLSC. Initially supervised by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the GLSC and CVB transferred to the USGS in 1996. CVB serves the needs of resource managers as defined in a memorandum of understanding between the GLSC and the Council of Lake Committees. CVB is the GLSC's vessel operations hub for Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, with additional field support for eastern Lake Superior. CVB vessels operate across four state boundaries, Canadian waters, and Treaty waters. CVB is currently home to the R/V Grayling and R/V Sturgeon. In 1973, the R/V Kaho was the sole research vessel stationed at CVB. The Kaho was replaced by the R/V Grayling in 1977, and shortly after CVB relocated to its current location, then owned by the U.S. Coast Guard. In 1987, the GLSC officially acquired the property, and in 1989 the dock was rebuilt. The GLSC consolidated its vessel operations on Lake Michigan and Lake Huron in 1994, which resulted in the relocation of the R/ V Cisco to CVB. The Cisco was subsequently decommissioned, and the R/V Siscowet was added to the CVB fleet. In 1995, CVB maintenance, storage, and office areas were constructed, and shore power systems were upgraded in 1998 and 2000. In 2004, the Siscowet was decommissioned and replaced by the R/V Sturgeon. Research The R/V Grayling and R/V Sturgeon are the keystone platforms to GLSC deepwater science activities in Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. These vessels currently participate in research focusing on: (1) prey fishes of salmonids and other fishes of economic importance; (2) fish population and community dynamics; (3) food web dynamics; and (4) lake trout restoration. Additionally, both vessels carry out specialized contaminants work. Facilities and Vessels CVB is located on the west side of the Cheboygan River, below the US-23 bridge. The facility consists of an office and maintenance building with 132 ft of frontage on the Cheboygan River that provides dockage for the R/V Sturgeon and R/V Grayling. Improvements to CVB during 2011 -2012 included: new sea walls and bulkheading, updated security and lighting, acquisition of an environmentally-friendly pump-out station, paving of the parking lot, and renovations of office and maintenance spaces. The GLSC is currently working to acquire an additional 66 ft of dockage owned by the City of Cheboygan.


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