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Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Ground Vehicle Systems Center’s (GVSC) Physical Simulation Team (PST) operates two separate component durability and characterization rigs. These rigs are designed for high-capacity tension, compression, bend/flex, and shear testing for metals, wire rod, fasteners, concrete, and wood.

Uniaxial Tension Testing

-Force Rating: 300,000 lb
-Dynamic Displacement: 48 in
-Velocity: 0.5 in/min (0.0002 m/s)

Analysis Capability
-Force versus Displacement Characteristics
-Force versus Velocity Characteristics
-Peak Force versus Peak Velocity Characteristics
-Ultimate Strength Testing
-Durability Testing
-Material Properties

-Accepts all forms of coupons or sub components.
-Conducts low velocity and high force tests.
-Used for development of Material Characterization Data

Compression Testing

-Force Rating: 115,000 lb
-Dynamic Displacement: 10 in
-Velocity: 1118 in/min (0.5 m/s)

Analysis Capability
-Dynamic Stiffness
-Storage Stiffness
-Loss Stiffness
-Tan Delta

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