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The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) is regarded as one of the finest schools for foreign language instruction in the world. Resident instruction is provided at the Presidio of Monterey in some 23 languages plus several dialects and is administered through 31 language departments and the Operation Enduring Freedom Task Force, which expands or contracts in response to the needs of the sponsoring agencies. The present facilities at the Presidio of Monterey can accommodate approximately 3,500 students. Instruction is also routinely provided under DLIFLC-supervised contractual arrangements in Washington, D.C., in over 84 languages and dialects. The DLIFLC also provides extensive nonresident instructional support in a variety of languages and dialects. The DLIFLC has established itself as a national pacesetter in foreign language education, resident and nonresident, using cutting-edge educational technology such as computers, interactive video, and video tele-training to train and support military linguists. In the years ahead, the Institute will continue to provide top-quality language instruction to support critical national requirements.


DLIFLC provides culturally based foreign language education, training, evaluation, and sustainment for DoD personnel in order to ensure the success of the Defense Language Program and enhance the security of the Nation. The acknowledged leader in all aspects of culturally based foreign language education, DLIFLC is an innovative and continuously adapting organization, operating on the cutting edge of language instruction and technology.

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Under the Directorate of Academic Affairs, the Office of the Registrar supports the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center by providing high quality, accurate and timely services related to Associate of Arts Degree administration, enrollment, registration, credential verification, graduation certificates, diplomas, awards and transcript services for all DLIFLC students. The Office of the Registrar also implements and monitors DLI policies pertaining to academic records and student administration.

The Office of the Registrar is guided by a firm commitment to the following set of core values: academic integrity; respect for privacy and individual rights; openness and trust. We strive to uphold the highest standards and ethics in customer service delivery. We are committed to providing the highest quality student support services.

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By regulation, military organizations with military language professionals assigned are required to appoint a Command Language Program Manager (CLPM) who is tasked with assisting military linguist personnel in maintaining their language capabilities. The CLPM is responsible for reporting the status of language training and readiness to the commander, and is also frequently faced withtrying to convince commanders to give more time for enhancement training so that assigned linguists can reach higher levels of proficiency.

To aid CLPMs in their efforts of managing linguist training programs, DLIFLC offers several CLPM certification courses in Monterey every year. The Command Language Program office can also provide this training to units via Mobile Training Teams (MTT) and is prepared to provide assist visits to CLPMs worldwide.

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