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The mission of the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center ( ERDC) is to provide quality, responsive engineering and environmental research and development support to the Army and the Nation. The ERDC is a Major Subordinate Command of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that develops and applies innovative science and technology solutions to support warfighting, infrastructure, environment, water resources, and disaster operations. The ERDC consists of 2000 employees working in seven laboratories at four sites. The ERDC headquarters is located at the Waterways Experiment Station (WES) in Vicksburg, Miss. The operating elements at that site are the Coastal and Hydraulics, Environmental, Geotechnical and Structures, and the Information Technology Laboratories. The Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) is located in Hanover, N.H. The Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) is located in Champaign, Ill. The Topographic Engineering Center (TEC) is located in Alexandria, Va. The Topographic Engineering Center proudly traces its lineage back through a number of previous Army topographic research and development as well as operational support organizations. The beginning was in 1920 as a element dedicated to testing the usefulness of aerial photographs for topographic mapping. Since that time, TEC evolved into an organization respected throughout the world for its accomplishments in acquisition, manipulation, and production of geospatial information support to the Department of Defense.


  • Generation and management of geospatial information to create, build, disseminate, and manage geospatial information.
  • Information analysis, simulation, and visualization for the exploitation, analysis, and display of geospatial information.
  • Use of imagery, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and integrating technologies to provide superior knowledge of the battlefield.
  • Exploitation of visual, spectral, and spatial data in precise positioning and navigation.
  • System development, scientific integration and demonstration support to build and illustrate the use of geospatial systems and technologies.

Technology Disciplines

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Method for rigorous reshaping of stereo imagery with digital photogrammetric workstation
Real time environmental measurement and reporting system for navigable waterways and method of use
System for ascertaining height as related to an established reference
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L-Shaped Flume Wave Basin and 2-ft Flume Facility
Large-Scale Laboratory Facility For Sediment Transport Research
Sectional Model Flume Facilities
10-ft and 5-ft Wave Flume Facility
18-in and 3-ft Wave Flume Facility
Aquatic and Wetlands Ecosystems Research and Development Center
CAD/BIM Technology Center
Center for Contaminated Sediments
Centrifuge Research Center
CERL HVAC Test Facility



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Coaching and mentoring are processes essential to the success of a learning culture and the development of leaders at all levels. Creating a sustaining learning culture and developing future leaders are critical elements to achieving ERDC's success. For these reasons, an Integrated Product/Process Team was assigned the task of developing a mentoring program tailored to ERDC's need for consistency coupled with flexibility. The result is ERDC-wide guidance for formal mentoring programs that meet each ERDC organization's unique requirements.

The ERDC Mentoring Program benefits employees who volunteer to participate as well as the entire organization. It enhances the careers of our current employees, aids in their retention, contributes to employees' job satisfaction and improves employee morale. It helps us recruit future staff. Everyone benefits.

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