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Fermilab, Fermi National Laboratory Rd
Warrenville, IL 60555
United States

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Fermilab's accelerator complex consists of a total of 16km of accelerators and beamlines. It produces the world's most powerful, high-energy neutrino beam and provides proton and neutron beams for various experiments, R&D programs as well as cancer treatment. Several test beams and test areas are available to university and industrial researchers, including: Fermilab Test Beam Facility (FTBF) delivers high-energy beams via two versatile beamlines (MTest and MCenter) in which users can test equipment or detectors. The MTest primary beamline delivers high energy protons (120 GeV) at moderate intensities (~1-300 kHz). This beam can also be targeted to create secondary, or even tertiary particle beams of energies down to below 1 GeV, consisting of pions, muons, and/or electrons. The MCenter beamline is similar. The MuCool Test Area is a unique accelerator R&D facility. It includes a cryoplant in a surface building, an underground experimental hall, a beamline to bring a 400-MeV proton beam into the hall, a clean room in the hall for component assembly, 201 and 805 MHz rf power, several rf cavities, a 5-Tesla superconducting solenoid for cavity tests, diagnostic instrumentation for radiation measurements, and infrastructure for liquid hydrogen. An advanced accelerator test facility is being developed. It will enable a broad range of beam-based experiments to study fundamental limitations to beam intensity and to develop transformative approaches to particle-beam generation, acceleration and manipulation. The Neutron Therapy Facility provides a moderate intensity, broad energy spectrum neutron beam that can be used for short term irradiations for radiobiology (cells) and material science investigations.

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