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The fiber optic backbone network (FOBN) provides state-of-the-art communications for three distinct types of service: telephone, data, and test and evaluation/scientific and technical. Standard interfaces for all of the above types of service have been established to support ease of connectivity to all communication users of the Air Force Flight Test Center.

The FOBN is a world class network consisting of 2,419 miles of fiber-optic cable, Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) end equipment, and interfaces with various other systems located at AFFTC to support video, network connectivity, real-time data, and telephone services.

The FOBN supports all the major test and evaluation facilities located at AFFTC, including non-DoD users such as the Federal Aviation Agency, NASA, and aerospace contractors working at AFFTC. The FOBN is also interconnected with the public telephone network and can provide support for high-speed off-base service up to and including DS-3 (45 megabit per second) data rates.

The FOBN currently supports DS-3, DS-1, POTS, FDDI, Video, Frame Rely, X.25, DDS, Ethernet, and Telemetry (2-3 megabit data rates). The FOBN supports the Edwards Local Area Network (ELAN) system, which is in turn connected to the Defense Research and Engineering Network (DREN), global Internet, VCS network, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base network, Hill Air Force Base network, China Lake Naval Weapons Center network, McDonnell Douglas Corporate Network, MILNET, AFNET, and the Commercial Internet Exchange. The FOBN is also interfaced to the commercial telephone carriers such that any service offered by the commercial carriers is available via the FOBN.


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