Ground Vibration Test/Structures Laboratory


FLC Region

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Building 1400 Room 111 307 E. Popson Ave
Edwards AFB

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The Ground Vibration Test Facility is two rooms and some hangar floor space located in building 1830 totaling 1,800 square feet.

The GVT system is designed to perform GVT's on fighter-sized aircraft, modifications, and troubleshooting of aircraft structural problems. Although designed for small aircraft, can be used on all aircraft in the Air Force inventory. The system is a multichannel excitation system capable of four simultaneous excitation points and 1,286 response channels taken in banks of up to 51 channels. Both excitation and response are driven by Hewlett-Packard (HP) 9000 Series 380 workstation utilizing either HP's VISTA Modal Test Acquisition or Structural Dynamics Research Corporation's (SDRC) data acquisition software.

The associated hardware is generalized as follows: 130 PCB TRUCTEL accelerometers (Low Mass), nine PCB 433A Signal Amplifiers (15 channels each), five HP 3488 Signal Switching Units (184 channels total), three HP 3565S Signal Measurement Hardware Units, four MB50 Modal Exciters (50 pound) with amplifiers, two MB250 Modal Exciters (250 pound) with amplifiers, HP 9000 Series 380 Workstations.

Finite Element Analysis is also supported. The Structures Lab is 500 square feet used for development of data analysis and data acquisition software. The Structures Lab is capable of developing and testing the hardware and software required for real-time and postflight data handling and processing of structural data. The structural data analysis required real-time is extremely complex due to the size sample rate and complex mathematical transformations and combinations. Throughputs required and used to date for each CCC machine (including mathematical operations) exceed 10 megabytes per second.


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